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  • I don’t need this program during our busy/tourist season. Can I use this program in the off-season?
    Short answer, no. You need to keep your perks and points system in place for the entire duration of your contract, whether it be 6 months or a year. You are, however, allowed to adjust your perks and points offered, but it is only recommended if you are increasing the value. Your peak seasons are typically vital to sustaining your business year-round, and we recommend our partners to leverage the TribeLife program to promote their brand consistently throughout the year. TribeLife's marketing efforts operate at both local and global levels, attracting new customers to your business and equipping you with the resources to retain them. By featuring your business through TribeLife, tourists can learn about your establishment even before arriving in town, providing them with the opportunity to choose your business over competitors and ultimately contribute to your success. We also want to create a lifestyle with our members. They come to expect the VIP experience with their membership. Being able to frequent your establishment and experience the same value every time is very important to our members and to your business when building loyalty with your customers.
  • How do I find out more about this program?
    Email us at to learn more! We can discuss more details over the phone, Zoom or we can have one of our TribeLife Local representatives visit you with more educational information.
  • What if I’m already using "discount" services?
    A number of our partners adopt various discounting schemes to attract as many customers as possible. We support our partners' marketing endeavors to enhance their visibility. Nevertheless, discounting programs tend to have a limited scope, whereas TribeLife Local provides both local and global exposure for your business, enabling you to attract patrons from all over the world, without discounting your brand value.
  • I am running a promotion with Groupon, etc. How are you different from other discounting programs?
    Discount programs can undermine the perceived value of your brand, creating an impression that your restaurant isn't worth paying full price for. However, TribeLife Local has revolutionized the "discount" concept. Instead of offering generic discounts, we work with you to create a customized perk that aligns with your business objectives and brand. This perk, combined with the ability for members to earn TribeLife Points, incentivizes them to visit and revisit your establishment. Members are motivated to visit because of the unique perks and the opportunity to accumulate TribeLife Points that can be applied toward their in-app purchases.
  • What exactly is TribeLife Local, and why should I join?
    TribeLife Local is an exceptional dining and entertainment initiative that grants TribeLife Members exclusive entry to the trendiest local business events, incentives, and benefits. Our program caters only to a select membership base of individuals who are seeking exceptional local businesses to frequent regularly. These individuals are not just seeking one-time deals, but are looking for a go-to place to spend their money, ultimately benefiting your business in the long run.
  • What if we don’t advertise?
    TribeLife Local is more of a private network for businesses than an advertising platform. We provide the ability to gain local and global exposure and drive in more customers through our TribeLife app and social media channels.


Partnering with TribeLife Local to offer fun and affordable VIP experiences at your business is an effective way to build your brand and cultivate loyal customers. By providing unique experiences tailored to TribeLife members, you differentiate your business from the competition, generate buzz, and attract new customers. Plus, offering reasonably priced VIP experiences makes your brand more accessible, fostering positive relationships with customers and increasing the likelihood of repeat business. Start exploring the possibilities today!

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When surveyed, 85% of TribeLife Members who visit a business for the first time through TribeLife Local would return to that same business and bring non-member friends to show off and introduce them to TribeLife. We highly encourage it.
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