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Farm Fresh Meals is a healthy meal prep delivery company in San Diego and Orange County that brings you only the good stuff. They are passionate about crafting high-quality meals from fresh and organic whole food ingredients, sourcing from local farms, and fueling your day with flavor. Farm Fresh Meals is a convenient way to enjoy healthy whole food that is tailored to your lifestyle, while supporting local businesses and saving time. Their simple, transparent approach to chef driven, fully-prepared meals means you never have to worry about extra sodium, preservatives, or other unnatural ingredients. Their ingredients are never frozen, and travel from the farm to our kitchen to your door every week

Fresh. Local. Organic.

We believe that everyone deserves a good meal, which is why for every meal purchased, Farm Fresh Meals donates to Feeding America.


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Our meal prep service conveniently delivers twice weekly on Mondays & Thursdays by 12pm.

"My wife and I have had their meals every night for two weeks. Farm Fresh taste amazing, the price is reasonable, and it has made my families life so much easier. My wife and I work full time and when we get home and out our son to sleep we are too tired to cook or get takeout. We both love their food."


"The time and money saved makes this a no brainier. I love the hours of my life I get back by not having to think about what I am eating for lunch and dinner. We've tried a few meal delivery services and this is by far the best we've tried."

James H.

"I couldn’t be happier with my subscription with Farm Fresh Meals.. it’s so convenient and the meals are sooooo good no exaggeration. I was impressed with how convenient they are and how they tasted. Haven’t had one yet that I wasn’t happy with!! This is a must try!! You will love it trust me :)"



A ketogenic diet consists of low-carb, high-fat, and high-protein meals. Your body enters a state of ketosis as you cut back on carbohydrates, which means your body will use fat as an energy source instead of glucose. Farm Fresh Meals can customize your orders so you can stay in that ketogenic kick! Enjoy flavorful keto-friendly meals with only the good stuff delivered to your door. 


Otherwise known as the Caveman Diet, the paleo diet is made up primarily of whole foods such as meat, fish, eggs, nuts, seeds, fruits, and herbs. Eating paleo means eating like our Paleolithic ancestors did (hence the name) and avoiding food items that they didn’t have thousands of years ago—artificial and highly processed foods. At Farm Fresh Meals we make it easy for you to access meals made with whole food goodness!


Whole30 is a 30-day challenge meant not only to reset your body but also your relationship with food. The program is a popular diet that eliminates added sugar, grains, legumes, dairy, baked goods, and junk foods. While saying no to these types of food, you are saying yes to whole food with dense nutrition! Planning ahead is key to Whole30, and if you’re up for the challenge, we’re here to make your journey easier for you with Whole30 meal delivery.


Going organic isn’t just a fad—it’s going back to the basics of good old farming and consuming whole food goodness. Ingredients labeled “organic” are not processed with synthetic additives and preservatives, and are farmed without the use of certain harmful pesticides and fertilizers. It promotes ecological balance, supports local farmers, and yields fresh ingredients for you to enjoy! We work with San Diego county farmers to bring you meals made with locally grown and never frozen ingredients. Only the good stuff!


Ready to revolutionize your diet? Nearly all of our tasty Farm Fresh Meals are gluten-free and celiac-friendly. That means you won’t have to worry about gluten-loaded grains like barley, rye, and oats. Enjoy organic, never-frozen meals with quality meat and produce delivered to your door twice a week. Going gluten-free has never been this easy—or delicious.


Need delicious meals that keep your training on track? Farm Fresh Meals is ready to deliver in more ways than one. We offer customizable, organic, macronutrient balanced meals that fuel your active lifestyle. Get the right carb to protein ratio, and don’t skimp on the essential nutrition your body needs. We deliver twice a week and only use the best ingredients because you give your best too.

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